Batuka Mission

The Jesuits are a religious order of priests and brothers in the Catholic Church,

committed to the service of Christ and his people.

☇ Batuka Mission

In the year, 1940- 42 some adivasis moved from Ranchi, Khunti, Simdega, Gumla and Lohardag came to Batuka and cleared the forest for the cultivation and began to settle there. Three Catholics came to this place from Biru came to this place followed by two more. These Catholics made a small hut at Charkapathar as their prayer house and began to have community prayer on Sundays. After some time these people began to hunt for Catholic priests nearby area and found out Bhurkunda Parish and began to go for Sunday Mass. in 1958 they met Fr. Michael Bredy s.j and expressed their thoughts for the place Batuka. Fr. Bredy with Mr. Junas a catechist started to visit them for their pastoral needs from Bhurkunda parish. As the time moved on the faithful's number too began to grow and the people decided to build a village church for the Sunday mass and prayer meetings in the middle of the village. By seeing the interest of the people, Lt. Julius Toppo began a school for the people.

In 1971, Rev. Bp George Saupin, Bishop of Daltonganj came first time to visit them and education was in full swing, but Batuka had many ups and downs in the field of education. In 1979 fathers felt the need of education and so they appointed a permanent teacher to teach. In 2009-11 a new school building was constructed with the hope of serving better.

Patron Saint: St. Francis Xavier

2015- Present Parish priest: Fr. Peter Paul Kerketta s.j

“For Ignatius being a Companion of Jesus in His Salvific mission gave direction and purpose to life. Companionship with Jesus in Mission is Central to Ignatian Spirituality.”

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