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Health Update of our Companions

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Fr. Sushil Lakra visited 3 of our sick men in St. Xavier’s Kolkata on 30 August 2018. Fr. Augustine was expected to return to Hazaribag in the first week of September but he had to postpone it due to fresh wounds appearing on the amputated toes. However, he is able to move around by the help of walker. He goes for the morning mass in the community chapel and takes his meals in the infirmary refectory. Fr. Packiam’s wounds are healing and bones are joining well. He was advised to start walking. But when he tried he felt excruciating pain on the lower part of the ankle so remains on his bed. Fr. Barry’s operated calf muscle is healing but at a very slow pace. Fr. Barry is patient and very hopeful of getting back to his foot again. But he has a fresh wound above the operated portion of the calf muscle which is quite deep. Barry is not able to walk but he joins the community fathers in their community recreation after supper, on his wheel chair.

Fr. Primus had an accident in 2010 and broke his right leg. During the operation an iron plate was inserted to support the joining of his broken bones and it remained up to this date. In the first week of August 2018 his leg started swelling due to the infection caused by the iron rode. So, he was operated on 14 August 2018 at Debuka nursing home Ranchi to remove it. Now he is recuperating in the newly built infirmary wing of Manresa house Ranchi. Sch. Jayant Burh damaged the ligament of his right knee while playing football in St. Xavier’s College Ranchi on 24 August. He too went to Debuka nursing home and got plaster and was advised to have complete rest for a month. He too is in the Manresa House infirmary.

Fr. Sushil Lakra had a fall by motorbike while going for the morning mass on 07 September, 2018. He hurt both of his foot but they were not serious. When his pain was not reducing, especially on the left foot, he went to see a doctor on 10 September and came back home with a plaster on his foot for a minor fracture on his bone. Fr. Bill Dwyer is admitted in Koderma Hospital on 12 September to remove the plaster from his arms. Now, he is being treated for the chest infection.

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