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☇ Jesuit Vocation

Jesuit Formation is challenging and rewarding and is always undertaken with the idea of mission in mind. What we do in our formation helps us to be better able to help others. Jesuit Formation prepares men to become priests and brothers who are well educated, trained in the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius, and skilled to minister in diverse and ever-changing environments. The training of a Jesuit takes place over a period of 10 to 15 years and encompasses the following dimensions: Intellectual Formation, Spiritual Formation, Apostolic Formation, Personal Growth Formation and Community Life (living in community with other Jesuits).

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Becoming a Jesuit is a lifetime project, whose sole aim is to love and serve God. Pedro Arrupe, one of our last Superiors General said to a young man who wished to join the Society of Jesus:

"Stay at home if this idea makes you unsettled or nervous. Do not come to us if you love the Church like a stepmother rather than a mother. Do not come if you think that in so doing you will be doing the Society of Jesus a favor. Come if serving Christ is at the very centre of your life. Come if you have broad and sufficiently strong shoulders. Come if you have an open spirit, a reasonably open mind and a heart larger than the world. Come if you know how to tell a joke and can laugh with others and… on occasions you can laugh at yourself."

“For Ignatius being a Companion of Jesus in His Salvific mission gave direction and purpose to life. Companionship with Jesus in Mission is Central to Ignatian Spirituality.”

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