Korwa Mission

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☇ Korwa Mission

Korwa Mission (Korwa is a minor tribe)
Prabhu Prakash Parish - Jamuniatanr

Jamuniatanr is a village comes under Ranka and Chiniya blocks of Garhwa districts. It is a mission station separated from Bishrampur and Garhwa parishes. Jamuniatanr village is 18 km west of Ranka and 6 km east of Chiniya. Earlier Chirka, Saroikela and Bagawta were only three Catholic villages around the area.

In the year 1993 when Fr. Xavier Diraviam was appointed as the parish priest of Bishrampur, he gave a special attention to the Korwa apostolate. Bit by bit he entered deep in to the mission among the korwas. He made a thorough survey of the area and chose Jamuniatanr as the center and purchased some land for the evangelical work and for a school. In 1994 June, the Congregation of the Immaculate Conception came to Bishrampur and later in January 1995, they started to live among the korwas in a rented house. A small school was built and they started education work and mobile clinic as well as social work. In 1996, November, Fr. Xavier Diraviam himself started to live among them and Jamuniatanr became a separate mission station. With that began the great evangelization of the Korwas. Some ten villages accepted Christianity and of mostly korwas followed by Dusadhs and Kherwars. A hostel for the boys and girls were built and 30 non- formal schools were also started in many villages especially Bandua, Hathbajhwa, Mortangi, Tetimahua, Kadwa, Dol etc.

“For Ignatius being a Companion of Jesus in His Salvific mission gave direction and purpose to life. Companionship with Jesus in Mission is Central to Ignatian Spirituality.”

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