The Jesuits are a religious order of priests and brothers in the Catholic Church,

committed to the service of Christ and his people.

☇ Missions


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Karanpura Valley

Karanpura valley (Babupara, Patra and Rajhar)

Origin and development

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Korwa Mission

Korwa Mission (Korwa is a minor tribe)

Prabhu Prakash Parish - Jamuniatanr
amuniatanr is a

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Nagesia Mission

Origin and development

Chiropath parish is situated high up on the hills nearing Chhattisgarh

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Santal Mission

When the Jesuit General When the Jesuit

General entrusted the Hazaribag- Palamau Districts

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Work Among The Minor Tribes

About 10% of the tribal peoples of India live

in Jharkhand. Jharkhand State has a higher than average

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Chhechhari valley Mahuadanr

Mahuadanr is the oldest parish in the

diocese of Daltonganj. It is situated in the southern part

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Batuka Mission

In the year, 1940 - 42 some adivasis moved

from Ranchi, Khunti, Simdega, Gumla and Lohardag

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Bhurkunda Mission

Origin and development of Our Lady of the

Poor Church Bhurkunda Fr. Huyghe was in search of a


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Masi Marsal Charhi

Santal Mission: Charhi

Origin and development. In 1973, Fr. Hand Hendricks s.j. was

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Masi Marsal Charhi

Santal Mission: Masi Marshal Mander Patki

Origin and development. Patki mission was started by

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Pakaripath Parish

Pakaripath falls under the Palamu district

which is situated high up on the hills in the south

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Dudhmu - Kajerkilo

Santal Mission: Dudhmu - Kajerkilo

Origin and development

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Tundtoli Parish

Tundtoli was a mission center

of Mahuadanr parish which is 8 km north east of Mahuadanr. With the arrival

“Living AMDG – Magis is, in the end, not about what I can accomplish, but rather about how God is living and working in
me and through me. There is always a ‘MORE’ required of us, because God is a God of love who is ‘Ever-More’.”

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