Nagesia Mission

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☇ Nagesia Mission

Nagesia Mission
Origin and development

Chiropath parish is situated high up on the hills nearing Chhattisgarh and Bihar border and falls under Mahuadanr block of Latehar district. This village is about 35 kilomeeter west of Mahuadanr and 20 km south- west of Gothgaon. This is a Nagesia tribe populated area. The Nagesias are a minor tribe and are comparatively poor tribe than the others. The area covering Chiropath was under the jurisdiction of Mahuadanr Parish, and with the separation of Gothgaon was separated from Mahuadanr parish, Chiropath also became part of Gothgaon. 1982 Chiropath was separated from Gothgaon and made as a new parish with the patronship of Mary.

The history says that the work of evangelization began at Chiropath in the 1940's by Fr. Turkenberks.j the parish priest of Mahuadanr. A few villages embraced Christianity and their faith was wavering form. Fr. Xavier Diraviam took a keen interest on the Nagesia tribe and in 1977 he became the parish priest of Gothgaon. With this appointment he began a school for the Nagesias and in 1981, the year the assumption sisters came to live and the school was given under their care.

In 1982, Chiropath was declared as a parish and Fr.Xavier was the first parish priest. He began a hostel for the children and the sisters too assisted in the pastoral and catechetical works.

At this time Fr. Xavier saw that many nagesias are falling ill very often. So he called the Carmel sisters from mahuadarn for medical checkup and found that most of the Nagesias are suffering from Liver problem caused by the poisons weed called Jhunjhunia. The sisters made a small center at a village Sabag and later on shifted to Puranpani which 25 km west of Chiropat and is under the Chhattisgarh state. Puranpani was under Chiropath parish and later it was part of Ambikapur diocese by a separate parish identity.

In 1991 Fr. Gyan became the parish priest and he put his heart and mind into the wellbeing of the people. Towards the end of 1992, the assumption sisters left Chiropath due to vocation crisis and six month the parish was without sisters. In 1993, June the sisters of the Hand Maids of Mary came there to work. They are looking after the parish middle school and dispensary for the people as well as pastoral and catechetical works.

The sisters entry also brought new work speed among the people. In the same year the new parish residence and a school building was constructed. At this time displacement was one of the major problems in relation to bauxite mining. He conscientized the people and fought for the rights of the people. In 1998 Fr. Varghese Tamara took over the parish and was busy with the work.

The work of evangelization is a bit difficult now as the non Christian Nagesias are against Christianity.

The parish Priest genealogy:
1. Fr. Xavier Diraviams.j. June 1982- Dec 1986
2. Fr. Raskasorens.j. Jan 1986- Dec 1987
3. Fr. John Minjs.j. Jan 1988- Dec 1990
4. Fr. GyanSavari Jan 91- Dec 1997
5. Fr. Varghese Tamara s.j. Jan 1998 -

2015 Present parish priest is Fr. Barnabas

“For Ignatius being a Companion of Jesus in His Salvific mission gave direction and purpose to life. Companionship with Jesus in Mission is Central to Ignatian Spirituality.”

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