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“Following the monthly prayer intentions of Pope Francis”

The Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network (formerly the Apostleship of Prayer) is an international movement, helping Christians live out their desire to serve God with their whole lives and their whole selves.

Christians are invited to make a daily offering of themselves to the Lord and to pray for the Pope’s monthly intentions. This habit of prayer encourages a spirituality of solidarity with the Church and loving service to others. At the centre of this program is the love of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

In Hazaribag Province, the Director of the Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network and Apostleship of Prayer is Fr Bob Billings SJ. An annual and monthly prayer booklet, featuring the Pope’s monthly intentions and intentions of the local church, is available from Arrupe Niwas (Provincialate) – call (+91.6546) 227366 / 227371; Mobile: - (0) 9199109848

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“For Ignatius being a Companion of Jesus in His Salvific mission gave direction and purpose to life. Companionship with Jesus in Mission is Central to Ignatian Spirituality.”

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