Provincial Desk

The Jesuits are a religious order of priests and brothers in the Catholic Church,

committed to the service of Christ and his people.

☇ Provincial Desk


Rev. Fr. Santosh Minj SJ

Consultor of Hazaribag Diocese

My parents were unlettered. They worked very hard to educate me and my siblings. While I studied in Jesuit School Mahuadanr, I met Jesuits who were from Australia, Kerala, Maharashtra and Bihar who dedicated their lives to educate poor tribals in the remote villages of present Latehar district of Jharkhand state. I was inspired by these Jesuits. Deep within I felt that I want to live like them so that in the future thousands of parents are not unlettered. This is the reason today I am a Jesuit and not only a Jesuit but the provincial of Hazaribag Jesuit Province, a mission which I had never thought of.

According to the Province catalogue of 2018, the Province is educating 24,422 students with 785 staff members. In addition to this it is running 15 hostels attached to our institutions with 3489 hostellers.

For education, opportunities and means are galore today. I feel happy that Hazaribag Jesuits are committing themselves fully for the sake of education awareness building in the remotest villages. They are able to connect and motivate so many children and parents for good education. My dream and prayer is at the province level wherever we are working, our quest is for greater discernment, planning, networking and collaboration to establish a society through education where there is dignity, harmony, love, prosperity, respect, understanding and unity among the people as people of one God regardless of their caste, creed, culture and cuisine.

“Discernment is seeking God’s will in my life through the inner movements of the Spirit of Love. A Christian life (Vocation) is precisely a response to God’s will and call to discipleship.”

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